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Joel Rakes - "O Holy Night"

The third song on Joel Rakes' festive​​.​​mood​​.​​inducing​.​music​​.​​vol​​.​​5, "O Holy Night", was just released today.  This is a really nice, mellow version of the song, consisting of a quiet guitar riff, vocals, and a cello.  I'm not used to this song sounding so quiet, so I think it really stands out as a very beautiful version.

I also found out that Joel has been writing what he calls "behind the song" posts on his blog, in which he shares details of how each song was arranged, produced, and recorded.  I love reading this kind of stuff (in much the same way that I enjoy watching all the behind-the-scenes extras on a DVD), so I think it's pretty awesome that he's sharing this information with those who enjoy "nerd-ing out" about it (as his email to me said).  Happy listening!


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