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12 Days of HMVDigital

I just found out that HMV will be giving away one free festive track each day for the next 12 days (starting today) as part of their 12 Days of HMVDigital event.  It's quite probable that these giveaways are limited to Canadians; however, I have no way of testing that myself, since I am in fact Canadian and already a member of HMVDigital.  If someone residing outside of Canada would like to test this out for themselves, please report back here and let everyone know whether or not it works.  If it doesn't, then I apologize, as I do like to keep the content I post about accessible to as many people as possible.  As someone who has often found himself on the outside looking in at all of Amazon's MP3 giveaways, though, I can't help but feel excited about this, and I really hope that at least a few people are able to benefit from it.

The first MP3 to be given away in this event is "Ave Maria" by The Canadian Tenors.  If it turns out that people in the rest of the world can also access these downloads, then I'll probably make mention of any noteworthy songs as they become available; otherwise, this will probably be the last time I mention it.  Either way, please let me know how it works for you.


P.S. This isn't meant to be today's post - I'm actually working on another one that should be up soon and will have music that anyone can download, like most of my posts.


Wings1295 said...

Hiya -

Yeah - it worked for me! Got the song, even though I was unable to sign up as a member since I am not a Canadian citizen.


JT said...

Great news! Now I don't feel nearly so guilty about posting something like this. Thanks for the quick feedback!

David said...

Curses... just catching up on your blog and so I've already missed the first of the twelve days (and possibly the second?) but I've just successfully downloaded Sheryl Crow's O Holy Night, so I can confirm that the promotion is accessible to UK residents.

Thanks for the bonus post (as if one a day wasn't hard enough!).

JT said...

No problem, David! You've actually only missed the first one, as Sheryl Crow was the second download. They seem to update the downloads sometime around midday EST, which I guess is around 4 or 5 in the evening for you.

And how awesome that these downloads seem to be available worldwide!