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Mariah Carey - "The First Noel/Born Is The King Interlude" [12 Days of HMVDigital #4]

One of the things that I love most about free Christmas music is that it gets me listening to artists that I would otherwise not even bother with.  Case in point: Mariah Carey, whose "The First Noel/Born Is The King Interlude" (from her recently released, and cleverly titled, Merry Christmas II You) is today's free download from HMVDigital.  It's not my favourite version of "The First Noel", but it's still quite nice, and I really like the brief interlude section that's tagged on to the end of the song.

Any guesses as to what else will be coming our way from HMV this month?  I'd love to see Lady Gaga's "Christmas Tree" given away, since there was such a huge deal made about it last year when Amazon gave it away for free; other than that, though, I'm just sitting back and enjoying this unexpected windfall of Christmas music.  Happy listening!


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