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Bayside - "Angels We Have Heard on High"

Short post tonight - 'twas my birthday and I didn't have time to listen to or write anything.  Fortunately, though, I've been staying ahead of the game and have listened to tons of music and made notes on much of it, so I can put together a few posts pretty quickly.

Bayside have made their version of  "Angels We Have Heard on High" available for free to anyone who signs up for their newsletter.  Actually, you don't technically need to subscribe to anything, as the download link appears after you hit the submit button, while you only get a confirmation email in your inbox; however, I tend to give bands the benefit of the doubt in a situation like this and subscribe anyway.  I get free music, and I also get to learn a little more about the band from their emails - that's a win-win situation in my book.  The track is a really excellent rock version with muscular drumming and guitar riffs, and also some brief harmonized guitar licks.  This is a band I might like to know more about, so I'm actually looking forward to seeing what shows up from them in my inbox.  Happy listening!


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