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ALDO Free Classical Guitar Christmas Music

Hello again! Let's get things started for this year, shall we? The first album I would like to post about this year is a very short one, but it falls into a category that I happen to love: quiet, relaxing, and mellow Christmas music. For various reasons, this time of year often feels very hectic and chaotic, so it's nice to have an occasional reminder that it doesn't always have to be like that. ALDO Free Classical Guitar Christmas Music is just such a reminder. What we have here are 9 short renditions of traditional Christmas carols arranged for solo classical guitar. There's nothing fancy going on with them, but that's what makes them so effective - each song is stripped down to its most basic instrumental elements and performed flawlessly, exposing its inherent beauty in a way that is rarely heard.

Please note that you do need to provide an email address and subscribe to the ALDO Relaxing Guitar mailing list in order to get the album. However, the download link will arrive fairly quickly.

Happy listening!