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Josiah James - "Heaven Came Down"

It seems to have become a trend at this point: it's Saturday, I've been busy, and a single song is about all I have time to write about.  However, this is a song I've wanted to post about since the first time I heard it; I was just waiting for the right time.  This morning I woke up with the song stuck in my head, and it has stayed there all day, so I believe this is the right time.

"Heaven Came Down" is an original Christmas song written by Josiah James and released just under a month ago; it is free for anyone who signs up for his mailing list.  The song is written and performed absolutely beautifully, starting with simple strummed guitar chords, piano, and vocals, and gradually adding drums, strings, electric guitar, layered vocals, and hand claps.  The sound continues to build for the duration of the song, until it abruptly stops and fades out quietly with a Joshua Tree-like electric guitar sound.  James has a great voice as well, sounding a bit like Chris Martin and Bono at times.  Happy listening!


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