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Denis Richard - Noël

I haven't featured much non-English music on this blog, mainly because I don't really know how to search for it.  I'd certainly love to have more of it, especially songs that originated in other languages and were later translated into English.  I was delighted, then, to find Denis Richard's Noël on Jamendo last week, as it is a full-length album of French Christmas songs.  Even better, they are done in a very kid-friendly style, with upbeat, playful arrangements and very clear vocals; I just noticed that this blog is curiously lacking in kid-friendly music, so this album actually helps to address a couple of deficiencies at once.

You'll recognize a lot of the songs on here even if you don't know a word of French.  Other songs are less familiar to me, but I'll be looking up more information about them so I can hopefully find other songs like them.  I always love expanding my musical interests, and being able to do that in another language is just a bonus.  In the meantime, I hope that you, and perhaps any children in your life, enjoy this little collection of French Christmas songs.  Happy listening!


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