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Joel Rakes - "Wonderful Christmastime"

Well, it appears that my plan has fallen apart faster than you can say "Christmas vacation".  I've barely had time to listen to any music at all in the last few days, let alone write about it.  Rather than worry about it, though, I'm just going to enjoy my vacation with my family and get a few more posts up here if I get a chance.  I listened to a lot of Christmas music in the last month or so, and I'd love to share as much of it as I possibly can, so any remaining posts will likely be collections of links with brief notes about the music.  

First, though, I'd like to talk about latest song from Joel Rakes.  The penultimate track on this year's edition of festive.mood.inducing.music has been released, and it is a fun cover of Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime".  The vocals are heavily Auto-Tuned, something I normally can't stand, but it works in a fun song like this (in fact, Joel himself seems to feel the same way).

There's still one more song to be released for this EP, and it will be coming out on Christmas Eve.  Although he hasn't been strictly using the results of his poll to determine the track list thus far, the top choice ended up being "more joel rakes original christmas songs".  We haven't had any original songs from him yet this year, so it's probably a good bet that the final song will be an original; no matter what, though, I'm really looking forward to it.  Happy listening!



David said...

You may not have managed one a day but you have posted a bucket-load of great Christmas music. Enjoy your holiday and enjoy the time with your family. And thanks for posting all the music.

Chris in Cary said...

Plans don't need to get in the way of enjoyment. Thanks for all the great links this season, and have a blessed Christmas with your family.

JT said...

Merry Christmas, and thanks to both of you for the kind comments.

Kevin Headen said...

I am trying to make this years christmas more memorable for my parents so i start working on christmas songs and found the great collection on your post. thank you so much for this..

Bruce said...

Thanks for this post

Christmas carols

Fruit Hampers said...

I am so excited that it is nearly that time of year again! Just over 3 weeks until I will start playing all of my favourite christmas songs!! :D
Thanks for all the recommendations I just love a christmas tune!

Kellie Martin said...
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Kellie Martin said...

Hi Guys!!

i love the holiday music.. and this is a great new song: http://holidaycheersong.com

Check it out! Happy HOlidays..

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