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Free Christmas Music Index

Well, here we are in November again.  This is usually the time when I begin listening to and writing about Christmas music, and this year is no exception.  I've been listening to a few new albums over the last couple of weeks, and I'll be posting about them here as soon as I get a chance to write about them.  Before I start posting about new music this year, I wanted to put together an index of everything that has already been posted.  Posts are organized into a few broad categories which will hopefully make it easy to locate what you're looking for; if not, please let me know.

Last updated 2009-12-14

Free Christmas Music Resources


The 8bits of Christmas (The 8bitpeoples)
Beautiful and Unique Snowflakes (various artists) (unavailable)
Christmas Bells (James Edwards)
The Christmas EP (The Layaways)
(Christmas is a) Time for Us (various artists)
December (Fisher)
Divine (The Violet Burning)
Electric Fantastic Christmas (various artists)
Emmanuel (Sarah Brown)
A Familyre Christmas (various artists)
The Gift (Hairy Larry)
Green Christmas (Mojo Green)
Holiday Hits 2008 (various artists) (unavailable)
Incarnation (Corbin Watkins)
Joy (Oh, Starling)
Keys and Lights (Sebastian Wolff)
Love Came Down at Christmas (Barbara Gallagher)
MiMi Loves Xmas (various artists)
Peace on Earth (In Mansions)
Rhodes Christmas (John Conahan)
Seriously Westcoast Vol. 2 - Happy Holidays (various artists) (unavailable)
Sounds of Bethelehem (Jennifer Avalon)
Tidings (Allison Crowe) (partially unavailable)
Winter Wishes (various artists)


"Last Christmas" (various versions)
"Snowy White River" (Sofia Talvik)
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" (Gary U.S. Bonds) (unavailable)


Quick Reviews

Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne 2007 (partially unavailable)



Tommy said...

I once managed to get my wife to agree, in a moment of weakness, that the Xmas season started on November 3rd.

So carry on!

Music2MyEars said...

Dude, you totally rock! Christmas music is in my veins! We elves sure appreciate the cool index you put together. Thank you from the tips of our pointy shoes to the snowflakes melting on top of our bright red hats. Thanks for spreading the Christmas spirit, Santa has you at the top of his "nice" list!
Yuletide thanks,
Kenny Kringle