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Song Spotlight: "Last Christmas"

[Update: as of October 2009, the Basswood Dollies and PLAS-TICK links no longer lead to free downloads.  However, these songs can still be downloaded as part of the Electric Fantastic Christmas compilations; they are on the 2006 and 2007 compilations, respectively.]

A song that I've been digging a lot lately is Wham!'s "Last Christmas"; judging by the statistics of the Free Christmas Music custom search engine, it seems that a lot of this site's readers enjoy it as well.  Though the song is not technically about Christmas, it has endured as one of the most popular songs at this time of year for nearly a quarter century and will likely continue to enchant listeners for many more years to come.  The Last Christmas website, which aims to compile all versions of the song, currently lists some 314 versions, with more being added all the time!

I am unable to offer Wham!'s original version for free, but I have found a few cool versions that I think most fans of the song should be able to appreciate.  First up is a version by The Fire Apes, which adds a great hard rock/power pop edge to the song.  From the Electric Fantastic Sound label comes a couple of slower, electronic versions: one from Sweden's Basswood Dollies, and a dreamy, female-fronted version from PLAS-TICK.  Finally, goto80 offers a "Hot Digi Remix" of the song, which is surprisingly accurate given that it was composed on a Commodore 64 computer (from The 8bitpeoples' The 8bits of Christmas, an album I featured on this blog last year).

Those are all the versions I have for now.  If anyone has any favourite versions that aren't listed here, please post a comment and let me know.  Although if you're a serious fan of this song and just can't get enough of it, the Last Christmas website is a must-visit site.  Happy listening!


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