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A few unavailable albums made available again

Early in the fall, I spent some time going through all of my old posts and making sure that the links still lead to what they should, i.e. free Christmas music.  Wherever that was no longer the case, I added the unavailable tag, as well as a little note at the top of the post, in order to prevent people from wasting their time if all they want is the music. Within the last few days, though, I've noticed that a few of the albums I marked as unavailable have actually become available again.  The original posts have already been updated with the new links, but here's a brief rundown of what's been updated and where you can find it now.
  • Fisher's December, which I wrote about here, can now be downloaded from here.
  • Joel Rakes' festive.mood.inducing.music series, which I wrote about here, can now be found here.  The first volume no longer seems to be available, but the fourth volume has been started and will see a new song released" every Monday during December leading up until Christmas Eve," for a total of 5 songs.
  • The first two volumes of A Familyre Christmas, which I wrote about here, can once again be downloaded.  Here's Vol. 1, and here's Vol. 2.
I try my best to keep all the links on this blog current and useful.  However, if you ever run across any links that are broken or otherwise don't lead to where I say they do, please leave a comment somewhere or send me an email.  I'll be back soon with some brand new music.  Until then, happy listening!

1 comment:

Ronald van Veen said...

Less than a month to go... and Christmas will be here again!!!

Email me your top 5 of favorite Christmas songs and I will compile a top 10 of a very special edition of the Pmachinery Christmas Top 10.

You can send me an email until December 23, 2009.

Please write in the subject line: My Christmas Top 5.

Send your email to: ronald@pmachinery.com

Here are my five favorite Christmas songs of all time:

1. The Pretenders - 2000 Miles
2. Lemon - What I Want For Christmas
3. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas (Is You)
4. Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas
5. Alison Moyet - The Coventry Carol

Best wishes, Ronald