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Album Spotlight: A Garritan Community Christmas Volume 6

One of my favourite musical Christmas traditions has been continued for another year.  The 6th volume of A Garritan Community Christmas was released sometime in the last few days.  If you haven't heard anything from the previous 5 volumes, they are all still available on the same page, so you can check out anything you need to while you're there; also, you can read my reviews of the first 4 volumes and volume 5.
I'm always rather impressed at just how good these albums sound, considering that they are created entirely on computers.  This volume is no different - things like the organ sound in "A Child So Special", and the entirety of "JS Bach Christmas Oratorio", have a very authentic sound to them.  "O Come All Ye Faithful" features a choir at the end, and "I Saw Three Ships" is also sung; this is a particularly beautiful version of that song.  One of the more creative arrangements comes on "Carol of the Jingle Bells", which mixes elements of "Carol of the Bells" into "Jingle Bells"; the track is only 2:45 in length, but it goes through several different moods and is quite fun to listen to (I really like the waltz that begins at about 1:28).
If you've enjoyed the previous Christmas albums from the Garritan community, you will very likely enjoy this one.  If you've never heard one before, this is a great time to start.  Happy listening!

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