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Album Spotlight: (Christmas is a) Time for Us

last.fm is host to a wonderful variety of freely available music. It often takes a bit of digging to find real treasures there, but I often feel very rewarded for having done so. Today I'd like to highlight a little 4-track EP that I found there recently called (Christmas is a) Time for Us.

The EP opens with the title track, an original song by John Conklin. This is a sweet, poppy love song set at Christmastime. The remaining three songs are all interpretations of traditional Christmas carols. Autumn Fox contributes a nice, soulful piano-based rendition of "Silent Night". Next up is a very jazzy version of "What Child is This?" by Bebop Broadcasting Network. Rounding out the album is The Beep's take on "Carol of the Bells"; with its thunderous drums, rumbling bass, and crunchy, distorted guitars, this is an absolutely rocking version that must be heard by anyone who likes their Christmas music on the heavier side (I think fans of Trans-Siberian Orchestra would really appreciate it - and when it comes to TSO, I speak from over 10 years of experience!).

(Christmas is a) Time for Us can be downloaded from last.fm or from its page on the Visible School website. For a varied, original take on Christmas music, I can't recommend this one highly enough. Happy listening, and I'll try to be back soon with some more great Christmas music!


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David said...

I only recently discovered the free downloads on Last.fm So far, my favourite free Christmas track is Noah and the Whale - Christmastime


Let me know what you think.