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Sean Wright - "Child Within"

"Child Within" is a new, original Christmas single by Sean Wright.  I love hearing original Christmas songs, and this one is very well done.  It starts off with acoustic guitar and vocals and gradually builds in intensity until the final chorus, when it explodes with a rocking drum beat amidst the repeated cries of "Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah -- let the child within rejoice, let the child within be free."  It's a really difficult song to categorize, and that is probably where a lot of its appeal lies - it really has its own unique sound.

The second song on this release (the B-side, if you will), is a nice live version of "Silent Night" done on acoustic guitar and vocals.  I would really love to hear more Christmas songs from this artist, both traditional and original.  Until that happens, though, these two songs should make a great addition to your Christmas music collection.  Happy listening!


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