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Joel Rakes - festive.mood.inducing.music.vol.5

Ever since I started blogging about Christmas music, there are certain annually recurring releases that I always look forward to.  One of those releases is Joel Rakes' festive​​.​​mood​​.​​inducing​.​music​​, which just began its fifth installment today with the release of "Deck the Halls".

For those unfamiliar with these EPs, Rakes releases one new song every week during the few weeks leading up to Christmas.  Sometimes they are newly written originals, and sometimes they are traditional Christmas songs done in his own unique arrangements.  "Deck the Halls" falls squarely into the latter category, with the vocal melody being subtly played with on top of a mellow rock backdrop.  I love the layers of vocals in the bridge, which seems to end with a little teaser of "Jingle Bells" on the guitar - a hint at what is to come this year, or am I just reading way too much into it?  Either way, this is a great start to what should make for an excellent month of music.  I'll try to remember to post reminders about the new tracks as they come out.  Happy listening!


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