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Album Spotlight: VNDVR XMSEP

Hello there, and welcome back to Free Christmas Music for another season!  Those of you who follow my other music blog may know that I've been on a rather extended hiatus from blogging, but I'm hopeful that the Christmas season, and all of the wonderful music that usually accompanies it, will help me to snap out of that.  Today I came up with a somewhat crazy idea to help get myself back into the blogging habit: I am going to attempt to make at least one new post on this blog every day until Christmas.  By my count, that should make for at least 32 posts (33 if I can keep going until Christmas Day).  This idea is crazy on a number of levels: I've never even come close to writing 32 posts on this blog in one Christmas season, even when starting earlier in the year than this; I'm still busy with work and other things (and the Christmas season itself will no doubt bring even more things to occupy my time) and don't have tons of time to write blog posts; and, perhaps craziest of all, I don't even have 32 things to write about yet - a quick look at my playlist and downloads folder shows 18 potential albums and/or singles to write about.

So if you're willing to accept the fact that I am attempting something completely unprecedented, for which I have little time and even less material, then by all means, feel free to join me for the next 32 days - I'm sure there will be lots of great music, and most likely a few surprises, along the way.

First up is a little EP that I actually came across late last year during my search for new versions of "Auld Lang Syne".  The name of the EP is VNDVR XMSEP; I guess this is a vowelless version of "Vandaveer Xmas EP", since it is a Christmas EP by "alt-folk song-singing/record making/globetrotting project," Vandaveer.  I didn't download the whole EP at the time, but I loved the version of "Auld Lang Syne," so I made a note to come back to it this year.  I did, and it ended up being pretty much as awesome as I'd thought it would be.  All three songs (the other two are "The Little Drummer Boy" and "Silent Night") have a very relaxed feel to them, with very sparse instrumentation and some beautiful interplay between the male and female vocals.

I'm sure I won't always be relaxed over the next 32 days, so this is an oddly appropriate album to start with.  I hope you enjoy it, and I'll be back again tomorrow (and the day after that, and the day after that...) with something else for you.  Happy listening!



David said...

Hello Jeff

Welcome back to blogging... and what a return! I think the one a day promise is hugely ambitious but even a couple more like the first two will do for me.

Also, am I the first to wish you a happy Christmas?

Jeff said...

Thanks, David! It's definitely ambitious, but I really have a feeling that I can do it. I have more than enough music even now; it's just a matter of keeping up the habit of constantly listening to new stuff and making just enough notes about it that I can throw together a post in my spare moments throughout the day.

And yes, you are officially the first person, online or not, to wish me a happy Christmas. Let me respond by wishing you a Merry Christmas as well! Are you going to be doing the Fridays of Advent again this year?

David said...

Hello Jeff

Thanks for the Christmas wishes. :-)

Yes, I am planning to do Christmas themed Free Download Fridays on the four Friday's before Christmas. At the moment though, unlike you, I don't have any Christmas downloads ready to go. I'm hoping that as we get into December, downloads will start to appear!