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Sara Groves - O Holy Night Tour- Live: The Prison Show

O Holy Night Tour- Live: The Prison Show is a recording of Sara Groves performing for the women of an Illinois prison.  Not all of the songs are Christmas songs, but most of them are, and they are performed so beautifully as to make the album a must-hear for anyone who loves Christmas music.  You will need to enter your email and postal code in the little widget on her website to get the album; if you're okay with that, you'll receive a download code for the album in your email inbox.

I always love hearing new arrangements of familiar songs, and most of the Christmas songs on this album have been radically reworked; "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" is probably my favourite of these, although the chorus of "Angels We Have Heard on High" gets a beautiful treatment as well.  That chorus gets turned into a singalong at the end of the song, with the audience enthusiastically participating.  The following song, simply titled "Carols", is a medley of Christmas carols performed entirely as a singalong with the audience.

In case you're keeping count, this is day 2 of my 32 days of free Christmas music.  I did manage to download a few more albums last night, bringing the total of potential posts up to about 24 - still not quite what I need to accomplish my goal, but I'm getting there!  Enjoy this album, and I'll have something else for you to listen to really soon.  Happy listening!


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