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The Brantley Family Band - "Jingle Bells"

The Brantley Family Band have returned with their ninth annual Christmas album. This year it's just a one song single ("Jingle Bells"), but with good reason - their twin boys Bo and Sam were born on October 11, so they have understandably had their hands a bit full this year. Amazingly, though, Bo and Sam actually play a small but very cute part in the song, which continues the band's tradition of being a diverse and eclectic take on an otherwise familiar song.

You can download "Jingle Bells" and all the rest of their songs at the Brantley Family Band website. If this is your first time hearing about the Brantley Family Band, you can also read what I wrote about them in past years: when I first discovered them, their 2010 album, and their 2011 album.

Finally, if the band happens to read this, let me take this opportunity to say congratulations, Merry Christmas, and thanks once again for all the great music!

Happy listening!



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