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Happy Holidays 2011 from PumpYouUp.com

Here's something different: a collection of dubstep arrangements of Christmas songs (mostly from The Nutcracker) courtesy of PumpYouUp.com.  I am by no means an expert on dubstep - in fact, the only other time I can recall deliberately listening to a dubstep song was when I heard "Pipe Wrench Dubstep" from the Machinarium Bonus EP - so I can't say for sure whether or not this is good dubstep.  I rather like the sound of it, though.  All of the songs are instrumental and have a very unique synthesizer-based sound - I've certainly never heard Christmas music arranged quite like this before.  "Dark Jingle Bell Dub" is probably my favourite of the bunch.

I suppose it's entirely possible that there are entire albums of dubstep Christmas music out there - like I said, it's not exactly something I've sought out before.  But whether dubstep is something you love or if it's entirely new to you, this collection is well worth checking out.  Incidentally, for anyone who is into dubstep, could you tell me how this compares to your favourite dubstep?  And is there any other dubstep - Christmas or otherwise - that you would recommend for someone who is new to the genre?  Thanks, and happy listening!


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